About Us

As a dynamic group of visionary environmental and agricultural scientists, we're driven by our unwavering commitment to empower agriculture and create a lasting impact on our planet

Our Team

Dr Francois Visser


  • PhD in Carbon Accounting in Agri Supply Chains, MSc in Agricultural Economics and MBA
  • Expert knowledge of GHG climate impact assessments for food and fibre production and regenerative farming systems.
  • Specialist in carbon offset and inset modelling and sustainable supply chain solutions. 

Ms Mariki Visser


  • Qualified accountant
  • Experienced commercial Manager and Entrepreneur with expert knowledge of carbon market project management, including Verra and Gold Standard listings

Dr Quan Nguyen

Head Scientific and Strategic Development

  • PhD in Soil Fertility & Quality, MSc. Animal Sci. & Vet Medicine
  • Expert knowledge of GHG emissions and natural capital accounting, Scope 1 & 3 mitigation strategies, Carbon and Nitrogen modelling, Life Cycles Assessment (LCA) of agricultural production systems, Net-Zero Science Based Targets (SBTi) and supply chain solutions

Dr Majella Mumford

Head GHG Assessments, Senior Analyst

  • PhD in Environmental Science
  • Expert knowledge of GHG emissions accounting and assessment for agricultural production systems and the food and fibre supply chain. Experienced in ISO14064-2, Verra and Gold Standard registrations

Ms Gayathri Rajagopal

Senior Sustainability Analyst

  • MSc in Agribusiness, BSc in Agricultural Science
  • Extensive experience in horticultural production system and supply chain GHG emission assessment, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and related scientific modelling, as well as grower engagement in technology-adoption, soil health and carbon accounting

Dr Katharina Devitt

Project Manager – Sustainability 

  • PhD and MSc in Molecular Biosciences and BSc in Applied Biology
  • Extensive expertise in environmental legislation and environmental impact frameworks, particularly in the areas of industry decarbonization, industry greenhouse gas inventories, and carbon abatement technologies
  • Keen interest in carbon farming, soil carbon, and the promotion of human-induced regeneration

Jason Meloy

Executive Lead – USA

  • MBA in finance and analytics
  • Deep understanding of the connection between sustainable, circular solutions, successful business operations, and their positive influence on long-term financial performance.
  • His expertise in different food systems and value chains allows him to collaborate with organisations interested in quantifying, monitoring, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

Dr Victoria Hrebien

Climate Impact Manager – Agriculture

  • PhD in Coastal Biogeochemistry, MSc in Marine Ecology and Biology, BSc in Business Administration
  • Expert knowledge of GHG emissions assessments, carbon chemistry and climate change, with previous research interests focusing on seagrass, coral reef and mangrove systems
  • Extensive experience in sustainable supply chain solutions in the food and beverage industry

Ms Kara Hurry

Executive Lead Marketing

  • Experienced strategic marketing professional with deep experience in agriculture across both food and fiber, working with global supply chains internationally.
  • Deep experience in both B2B and B2C marketing and branding.
  • Kara’s expertise in marketing and business strategy, coupled with her work on regenerative and climate positive projects allows for a strong collaborative marketing effort for farming operations and businesses interested in building a premium, value add product that celebrates a reduction in environmental footprint.