The Carbon Friendly
Certification Standard

Our Carbon Friendly Certification Standard (CFAS IP AUST 2110771) is a globally accredited certification system developed and managed by Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd. This voluntary standard is developed in compliance with the ISO14064-2 Standard for GHG emission reduction and removal assessments of agricultural production systems. 

The Carbon Friendly Certification Standard is one of the first global food sustainability standards to become the benchmark for assessing and communicating the climatic impacts of food products in the marketplace. 

GHG Certification Agriculture
GHG Certification Agriculture

Why Carbon Friendly Certification?

Carbon Friendly certifies crops or production systems where producers have committed to sustainable farming practices. The certification aims to encourage farmers to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and acknowledge farmers that have already adopted sustainable farming practices. GHG reduction measures in the agriculture industry play a substantial role in mitigating the effects of climate change – with enough farmers adopting sustainable farming practices, the effects of climate change can be reversed. 

When Can I Become Carbon Friendly Certified?

A production system can become certified Carbon Friendly if there has been a reduction in GHG emissions per unit of production between the base year and assessment year. 

GHG Certification Agriculture

What does Carbon Friendly Certification Mean to:

Farmer Carbon

The Farmer

  • Gain valuable insights into the GHG impact of your farm or crop with a comprehensive emissions assessment.
  • Unlock a deeper understanding of your farm or crop’s GHG emission intensity with a detailed analysis of emissions per unit of production.
  • Track and showcase your progress towards a net zero production system with detailed monitoring and transparent reporting.
Retailer Carbon

The Agri Value Chain & Retailers:

  • Streamline your GHG emissions reporting for your agricultural assets and products, expertly aligned with your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework.
  • Enhance the sustainability and impact of your investment portfolio with a comprehensive natural capital assessment and transparent reporting.
  • Achieve carbon neutrality in your supply chain with our innovative, world-first insetting solution.
  • Determine the feasibility of carbon projects and provide comprehensive reporting with our expert assessments and analysis.
Consumer Carbon

The Consumer

  • Empower conscious consumers to make informed purchasing decisions with our Carbon Friendly certification. Discover the origin and production methods of sustainable food products, and support farmers dedicated to reversing the impacts of climate change. Our certification offers transparency and traceability, giving you peace of mind when shopping for a better future.